Data from wearables will begin to play a bigger role in patient care and raise health awareness to users. Mobile health technology can greatly empower people to be engaged participants in their care and more responsible for their own health while improving privative medicine, ultimately saving lives. An estimated 1.3 billion different medical devices will be connected to health delivery organizations by 2030. How secure is this data? Cybersecurity and governance struggles in healthcare are real. Let us hear from the experts what are the key challenges of wearable product development, what are the benefits and the Future for such wearable technology?

Mazin Gadir — Digital Health Expert & Advisor, Healthcare Government Authorities

·Jaleel Rahiman — Director of IT and PRIME Digital, Prime Healthcare Group LLC
·Dr. MD Haroon (Driving Healthcare Vision into Reality) — HIS Specialist, Ahmadi Hospital, KOC, Kuwait
·Rizwan Tufail — Chief Data Officer, Pure Health
·Dr. Hamzeh J. Awad, PhD, FHEA. — Senior Academician, Research Chair, Digital and Virtual Public Health Expert. & A/Prof. Health Science, Health Informatics Research Chair, Higher College of Technology, UAE

October 31 @ 15:30
15:30 — 16:00 (30′)