Innovative Strategies to Improve Healthcare through Emerging Technologies

The rapid evolution of technology is shaping our world and lives.

The healthcare system is undergoing a fundamental transformation fueled by emerging technologies. The emerging trends in Healthcare Innovation that will occur over the next several years will be staggering. Today, more than ever, technology buzzwords abound— Big Data and wearables technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Metaverse, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning (ML), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Blockchain, Precision Health, Telemedicine, Mental health and the Internet of Things (IoT).


These technologies, while not new in other industries, are increasingly being used in healthcare because of their potential and proven value.

Join us for the 6th edition of the Healthcare Disrupters Congress and let’s talk about the best innovations that will change the Health Care industry and medicine in 2023.

  • We pre-qualify buyers
  • We give you a detailed list of attendees, solutions of interest, readiness to buy and budget
  • We pre-arrange face-to-face meetings with qualified buyers

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  • We pre-qualify buyers
  • We give you a detailed list of attendees, solutions of interest, readiness to buy and budget
  • We pre-arrange face-to-face meetings with qualified buyers

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Abid Shah
Chief Information Officer & Chief Digital Officer S
audi German Hospitals Group UAE
Ahmad Yahya
American Hospital Dubai
Anette Numa
Digital Transformation
Adviser e-Estonia Briefing Centre
Chetan Sehgal
Director - Strategy & Investments
Burjeel Holdings - VPS Healthcare
Dr. Amin Hussain Al Amiri
Assistant Undersecretary of HealthRegulation Sector
Ministry of Health & Prevention - UAE
Dr. Aysha Al Mehri
Group Chief Nursing officer
Abu Dhabi Health Services Company - SEHA
Dr. Haidar Al Yousuf
Managing Director
Al Futtaim Health
Dr. Imad A. Aljahdali, MD, FRCP C
Medical College Umm Al QuraUniversity, former Deputy Minister of Health
Dr. Khulood Alsayegh
Head of Clinical Standards & Guidelines Section
Dubai Health Authority
Dr. Maryam Mohamed Fatima Matar
Founder & Chairperson
UAE Genetic Diseases Association
Dr. Osama Elhassan
Specialist, Health Informatics & Smart Health Dept
Dubai Health Authority
Dr. Rayyan Alharbi
Medical Director Mediclinic
Al Murjan Hospital
Dr. Sufana Al Mashhadi
Director of Inno
Dr. Walid Tohme
Partner & ME Healthcare Practice Leader
Strategy & part of the PwC network
George Eapen
Group CIO
Hans Kedzierski
King's College Hospital, Jeddah
Professor Anders
Expert & Specialist in Cell Therapy & Precision
Medicine CellScience
Rony Gergy
Commercial Director
KSA & Middle East GE Healthcare
Saqib Chaudhry
CISO Cleveland Clinic
Abou Dhabi
Veneeth Purushotaman
Group CIO Aster DM Healthcar





The event was well organized, the speakers and guests were prominently identified from the healthcare industry of Dubai. The topic were wisely chosen related to improve the quality of care provided and to understand upcoming technology.
Abir Hakmi
Administration Manager, Armada Hospital  - Armada Hospital Potech
The event was well prepared and well organized. The discussions were very fruitful and to the points with an expert team understanding the requirement of our healthcare facility for future assistance. I really enjoyed the time I had spent in the event & I look forward to attending future editions.
Adel Alsisi
CMO, Prime Healthcare Group  - Prime Healthcare Group CMO
It was one of the great events I have attended this year: lots of interaction took place whether at the one to one level or group level. Couple of panel discussions were very interesting and lot of valuable information were shared and discussed. The private meetings with company reps were also of a great importance. Overall, it was a successful event and I am very thrilled to have taken part of it.
Halim Ghafari
Group CNO, Health and Medical Services (HMS)  - Halim
Another well organised Healthcare Disrupters Congress with a lot of meaningful conversations with Healthcare Leaders across Government and Private players. The content was once again very relevant and a day well spent. Congratulations to Agora team.
Veneeth Purushotaman
CHCIO - Group CIO, Aster DM Healthcare  - CHCIO - Group CIO, Aster DM Healthcare